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Who else wants to start earning serious money in their spare time?
“Amazing Money Making Secret Discovered by Single Mum Allows Her to Giveup her Day Job, Earn Over $3,000 per Week and Only Work the Hours she Wants... as a Successful Wedding Planner!”

Now you can discover how to have your own share of the growing $4.3 Billion Wedding Industry “gold mine!” With booking after booking, filling up your diary and bank account at the same time... Even if you’ve never run a business or had anything to do with weddings before.

Dear Friend

If you’re sick and tired of working for a boss who doesn’t appreciate you, or you’ve been looking for an opportunity to start your own business where you can earn from $2,000 to $3,000 per week... while only working the hours you want, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Big call?

Not really... not when you know what I know!

You see, most people are stuck in a job being overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid. With their talents and skills wasted working in a 9 to 5 job... trading precious time for a few measly dollars. Many are too afraid to take a chance to break out of the uncomfortable “comfort zone!”

How do I know? Simple, I used to be in a similar situation until I worked out a way to break into one of the biggest money earning industries on the planet... The Wedding Industry!

My name is Lisa Morris and I have coached people like you to earn thousands of dollars per week, and I know I can do the same thing for you too. Even if you’ve never been in business before you can be successful... because everything is laid out for you. I’ll guide you and show you how to start and grow your own successful Wedding Planner business...

Just Imagine… You’ve just been paid to be a young couple’s Wedding Planner. You get to visit all the best hotels and wedding reception places where they go out of their way to impress you. You’ll taste test their fine gourmet meals so you know what they have to offer your client.You get to go for a ‘test ride’ in the beautiful bridal wedding cars. You get to visit the latest bridal boutiques – they will become your friends as you deal with them more and more... and soon with their help you will know what’s hot and what’s not!

You Experience the Best the Hospitality Industry has to Offer... and the Best Part, you are Paid for It!

Becoming a professional wedding planner is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!!

Being a Wedding Planner gives you a wonderful lifestyle, a sizeable income, and the freedom to work when you want. You get to use your creativity... and grateful clients appreciate your expert advice to help plan the wedding day of their dreams. There is no better feeling than watching the bride and groom enjoy their special day without a worry in the world. Knowing you organised it all... the deep feeling of satisfaction is incredible!

...Works with Clients to Deliver a Memorable Wedding Day

“Lisa is a true professional who works with clients to deliver a memorable wedding day. She has a relaxed personality and makes all who come in contact with her feel extremely comfortable. Lisa’s work ethic makes her a reliable contact in a very busy wedding industry.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone who requires an honest, hard-working and dedicated person with whom to work”.

David Moore / Owner - Drift Pty Ltd
But it hasn’t always been this simple or easy…

When I was a young, my parents owned restaurants so I grew up around event planning and the hospitality industry. I loved the excitement and loved seeing people’s dreams come true.

As soon as I could, I took a job as an event planner and worked for a few of the biggest name hotels in the business. I did really well and enjoyed every minute of my day.

Then I married and things changed... dramatically! When I had children, I was forced to choose between being a mother andstaying career focussed. Well, I made the only decision I could and I walked away from the career I had been working so hard to build.

To make matters worse, my husband at the time was not making things easy and he would constantly squash any ideas I had about starting a business from home. Eventually, my marriage ended and I needed a way to support myself and my children. I went back to what I knew. I went back to being an event manager and Wedding Planner... again I did very well at it. But I still needed to be a Mum...

I Decided to Start My own Wedding Planning Business... and I have Never Looked Back!

Sure, there have been struggles along the way! Early on there were mistakes and oversights. They happen in any business. The key though is to learn from them and not make them again.

After a while, a few of my friends who were in a similar situation as myself, asked me if I could help them start their own business.

I thought long and hard about helping them... because although I knew exactly what I was doing, I thought it would be hard to break down every little thing I did so they could copy it. But it was much easier than I thought!

Within no time at all, there was a series of forms, worksheets, checklists and templates for everything. I looked at what I had in front of me and was happy with what I had created.

If I had had This When I Started Out... it Would have Saved me Loads of Money and Made Life Much Easier!

Once I had the system written out, I tried it out on my friends. Within a very short time, they were achieving the same type of success as I had!

Then a funny thing happened...

Other Wedding Planners started to take notice of my success and asked me for advice … they wanted to know my secret. They wanted to have the same success I was enjoying – without all the problems,struggle or expensive mistakes.

They happily bought my packto short cut their learning and boost their dwindling bank balances.

Starting Your Own Wedding Planning Business Shouldn’t be Hard...When you have the Right Help and the Right Information.
But before I get ahead of myself and tell you about the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box, what is included in it and why it is so incredible... I wanted to take a moment to share with you a few of the reasons people are so eager to become a Wedding Planner.
Here are the 7 Great Reasons to Become a Highly Paid, in Demand Wedding Planner:

GREAT REASON #1 - Start your business with an affordable investment of time and money... and you can use some of the technology you already have (If you have a phone and a computer, you are almost ready for business!)

GREAT REASON #2 - Work from home or where ever you want... there is no need for expensive offices or shops (you can even do your business from your kitchen table!)

GREAT REASON #3 - Fill the demand for professionally organised weddings... there is never any shortage of people who want to have a memorable wedding, for all the right reasons! (And you are the one who makes it happen!)

GREAT REASON #4 - Enjoy the prestige and respect which comes with the title... your planning and organisational skills are highly sought after and appreciated (more and more time poor couples are using Wedding Planners to ensure their special day goes exactly as planned!)

GREAT REASON #5 - Be free of any career restrictions or work politics... no matter how old or young you are, or what gender you are, you can be as successful as you like! (You control your income, hours and work conditions... not too many other careers offer the same type of flexibility!)

GREAT REASON #6 - Take it easy and work around your other commitments... there is no need to quit your day job until you are ready (build up your business and income to where you want it, then quit!)

GREAT REASON #7 - Earn great money by working only the hours you want... it is common for Wedding Planners to be paid between $2,000 and $3,000 per weekend (of course this depends on the services you offer your clients, but even still... that’s a lot of money in anyone’s book!)

Now I have shared with you the advantages of being a successful Wedding Planner... let’s talk about the “business changing” pack I’ve developed!

Introducing the Wedding Industry’s Most Complete, Simple to Follow System on Becoming a Successful Wedding Planner...
“The Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box!”

Now I need to warn you... since I created this pack there have been a number of copy cats (as you’d expect), but they do not get the same results. I mean you can be a Wedding Planner... or you can be a successful Wedding Planner. I certainly know which one I’ve chosen and I know you are the same (you would not be reading still, if you weren’t!)

I can safely say, there is nothing quite like this pack anywhere else. I’ve included everything you need to start your own successful Wedding Planner business straight away!

Nothing has been left out!

With this system, your learning curve is shortened considerably because there is no “trial and error.” So you’ll begin to live your dreamof employment independence and making truckloads of money.

You’ll also avoid all the common pitfalls andtricks which shatter the confidence of starting out Wedding Planners and veterans alike! Whilst receiving oodles of time-saving tips – so you start earning money faster… all the while giving your clients the wedding they have always dreamed of (even if you are a total beginner, they’ll never know!)

A Professional and Systematic Approach...

“Thank you for such an easy course to follow. You were so professional and systematic in your approach. I can’t wait to begin my exciting journey into Wedding Planning.”

Debbie Rushby / Campbelltown, NSW.

The Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box is essentially a “plug and play” business. All you need to do is use what you already know and have. Then use theguides to add-in whatever you don’t... and get started immediately.

Everything is Laidout Step-By-Step with the Very Same Checklists and the Blueprint I Used to Create my own Successful Wedding Planner Business.

The best part of the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Boxis...You can even learn everything you need to know in the comfort of your own home. There are:

  • NO Late Night Courses
  • NO On-Going Payments
  • No Boring, time-consuming, theory based ‘Bootcamps’

It is all presented in an easy-to-follow format. The extensive 4 DVD and2CD set, comes with a 131 page Manual and a Quick Start Guide. The pack allows you to learn at your own pace and provides you with all the in-depth, yet practical knowledge and tools you need to begin successful operations as a professional Wedding Planner, quickly and easily.

The Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Boxoffers a sensible and realistic approach to developing your Wedding Planning service. It enables you to do iteconomically and affordably. Even if you are on the tightest budget… you can still successfully enter this business, enjoying the satisfaction and personal rewards which come with a ProfessionalWedding Planning career.

We Have Two Couples Ready To Hire Us!

“My wife and I are well underway with our new planning business we have 2 couples ready to hire us for their special day. It would not have happened unless we responded to the little advertisement we saw in our local newspaper. We can't speak highly enough of the course!"

Keith Cunningham / Cranbourne, VIC.

The wedding industry is so unique in how it offers an enjoyable working environmenteach and every day (work never feels like work!)… as well as offering the potential to earn a very rewarding income. Wedding Planning is an incredibly exciting field to become involved in.However, the key to making it in this business is expert guidance… and having the appropriate knowledge and training.

You’ll have the Choice of Running your Business From Home or Operating out of an Office…The Choice is Entirely Yours!

The services of wedding planners are often used in the planning of other social events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, engagement parties, graduation celebrations and other similar functions. This creates the limitless potential for you to tap into these other markets as well. You can expand the overall potential and profitability for your business, if that kind of thing interests you.

With the thorough, in-depth nature of the material in the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box, even with no prior experience in the wedding industry and no experience with owning a business… you'll be completely equipped to start your own professional Wedding Planning business.

You will have the resources you need to join other wedding planners who have successfully started their own businesses.

The material in the pack is presented clearly and just to reassure you… I have been involved in the Wedding Industry for 20 years. Believe me… I’ve seen it all and then some!

Okay! How Can I Become a Professional Wedding Planner?

Allow me to explain a few things first…

Yes, professional Wedding Planning is arguably the best, most profitable and easiest profession to enter. BUT (and this is very important)…

you have to do it right!

Now let’s be clear here... this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. There is no such thing in legitimate business! I am talking about building up a

respectable, in demand Wedding Planning business.

To become a well-paid, Professional Wedding Planner there are two things that you must know:

  1. How to plan weddings and deal with suppliers, and
  2. How to find clients.

To make sure you do it right, I have created the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box.

So let’s take a look at what you get when you become a “Gold”or “Platinum”member of the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box Club.

The “Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box:
Gold Membership-

Start a Wedding Planning Business – A Step By Step Guidefeaturing a detailed business manual and 4 training DVDs and 2 CD set. This package walks you through the steps to success in the Wedding Planning business and is designed so you’ll easily be able to outshine the “competition” because you have an all-inclusive system… all the forms, tricks and checklists which took me years to create.

Gold Membership
Only for $697.
(You save $3,276)
Here’s some of the great information you’ll receive…

The number 1 secret I use to ensure I am clear about what the bride and groom want from their wedding... make their day one to remember (get this wrong and you are flirting with disaster... nothing else will go right from start to finish!)

The level of education, experience or certifications you need (and don’t need) to make it as a successful wedding planner (you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how “unqualified” you can be and still be ridiculously successful!)

How to put together your pricing and package your services to attract new business (money is never the issue, the average wedding these days costs $32,000!! If they can pay that... they can pay you!)

How to turn your clients into your own raving sales team so they tell all their friends about you and you get more bookings (Wedding Planning isn’t really about repeat business so you need your past clients to sell for you… I’ll share my best strategies with you)

A simple, yet effective way to get organised and stay that way... you won’t waste time frantically searching for important client documents and wedding planning notes (you’ll know exactly where they are when you need them!)

How to stand-out from the “competition” so dream clients come looking for you... you’ll never be “just” a Wedding Planner with the others (you’ll be THE Wedding Planner!)

What legal documents and licenses you need to open a business and what you need to do to get them (you don’t need to waste your valuable time doing all the legwork or lengthy research!)

The “must-have” business tools and equipment you need to start your successful Wedding Planner business and be ready to take clients (and the great news is... you already have most of it and you aren’t even aware!)

How the usual wedding ceremony runs and ways to customise it for your client (knowing what to change and what to leave alone makes you stand out from the other Wedding Planners who do it wrong and cause stress for the bride!)

Where to meet the best suppliers and wedding professionals such as photographers, caterers, florists, etc. (people who make you look good in front of your clients and do the best job on the big day!)

How to have a meeting with a prospective client so you look like a seasoned professional (no one wants to look like a beginner even if you are one... so I’ll take you through my meeting tips)

Know the quick questions to ask a prospective client when they are on the phone, so you can recognise how serious they are (or if they are ‘just shopping around’... you don’t want to waste your valuable time on these people!)

How to make sure you get paid for the great work you’ve done (you don’t want to be the Wedding Planner left at the alter holding the bill!)

And more than I can fit into this letter without overwhelming you (just know when I say everything is covered... because of my obsessive need for perfection, perhaps there is too much detail! But isn’t it better to have too much than not enough??)

The information packed DVD’s go through:
  • How to get started quickly as a successful Wedding Planner
  • How to network with suppliers without looking like an absolute amateur
  • How to professionally plan the timing of a wedding
  • How to choose the perfect Hair and Makeup styles for YOUR bride
  • What’s hot and what’s not in the wedding car industry
  • The 5 most important secrets for hiring a photographer
  • Marketing letters so you don’t waste money on useless advertingand make money FAST!
  • Copies of two flyers you can use to bring in the customers
  • Vendor Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tips for finding the dream location for your bride and groom’s wedding.

It truly is an amazing collection.Imagine knowing all this. You’ll discover insider trade secretswhich allow you to delve deeply into this beautifully happy environment. This package gives you all the insider secrets to be a successful and well-paid successful Wedding Planner.

You’ll also discover how to easily get started allowing you tostart making money fast! Everything you need to know about the business of wedding planning, including templates for setting up your business, pricing your work, marketing letters, invoicing statements for completing weddings quickly, easily and efficiently, it’s all on the extra special bonus resource DVD...all you need to do is put your company name on them and print. How good is that?

You can’t learn to be a successful Wedding Planning from a book or a theoretical correspondence course…

Full Resource Disk valued at $797
The cleverly named “DISK #6”…This truly is the key to your success!

We have created all your marketing solutions right here, with a “done-for-you” flyer/brochure, template invoices, and a complete Wedding Planner Checklist!

Let me just say this, “it’s the most complete “Business-in-a-box” course you can ever hope for. After you apply what you learn from this disk, you’ll have all the new customers you’ll ever need – guaranteed!

This disk is a great way to start your Wedding Planner business and I normally charge $797 for this one disk alone!

As a bonus, I am going to give it to you so you can get started right away. It is yours FREE with your Gold Membership!

That’s the complete Gold Membership package... whew, that is a lot of great resources right there! Not too bad at only$$697 + $17 postage, handling and insurance. The total value of this package is $3973 but as a Gold Member, it’s yours for only $697. (You save $3,276)

But, before you order… perhaps you might want to you hear about the Platinum Membership! The Platinum Membership has everything we have just discussed and even more incredibly valuable information and free bonuses too.

In addition to getting everything in the 'Gold Membership', in the Platinum Membership you will also receive:

(Strictly for Platinum Members Only!!)
Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tricks valued at $1,200

Receive regular, valuable marketing ideas, tips and tricks direct to your inbox for a full 12 months! You’ll have everything you need to get new customers quickly and easily. You’ll discover methods most successful Wedding Planners don’t want you to know (and don’t know themselves!).

This is the ULTIMATE “Business-in-a-Box”

But just when you thought it was already a good deal…it gets even better…

Listen, I know starting a business from scratch can feel scary at first…I know what it’s like to be cautious about jumping into a new venture…I’ve shared the same fears as you…So here’s how I can help…

…Can you imaginehaving me right by your side holding your hand every single step of the way through your exciting new journey?

…Can you imaginewhat a relief it would be to just email me whenever you got stuck or were struggling with something?

…Can you imaginethe security you would feel knowing you had a professional (me) at your “beck and call” whenever you needed advice?

If you answered “Yes” to any the above questions… then you won’t want to miss out on this next special gift bonus…

(Strictly for Platinum Members Only!!)
12 Months Unlimited Email Support valued at $1,200

This special bonus is not for everyone…

For a select group of people only, I’ll offer my personal time for on-going support and coaching over the next 12 months, which means you haveunlimited email access to me. I’ll help you with any questions, queries or support in your new business! This is the final piece of the puzzle which guarantees your success!

But there is a strict limit on the numbers because I can be available for 50 people only. And right now, 33 are already locked in and getting great results! So that leaves 17 spots left! First-in-First-served!

(Strictly for Platinum Members Only!!)
Fast Action Takers Bonus: 2x “Business Brainstorming” Sessions valued at $800 (Although the breakthroughs you will experience on these calls are actually priceless!!)

These are an invaluable tool. They will help you through any blocks or problems you may be experiencing in your business.

You can use these calls any time in the next 12 months to “Brainstorm” any issues you may have or to accelerate your business success. It is a great opportunity to tap into my 20 years of industry experience.

But there is a strict limit on the number of these calls and they are only available to the first 17 people who order in the next 10 days. So don’t hesitate, otherwise you will miss out on this priceless bonus!

To be honest with far...most people jumped on this opportunity straight away because they know they have me as their back up for 12 months.

There’s something here for everyone… so if you are:
  • Sick and tired of what you are doing for work now, this is for you.
  • Wanting to start as a wedding planner part time, this is for you.
  • Wanting to become a full time wedding planner, this is for you.
  • A complete and utter beginner, this will turn you into a well-paid wedding planner fast.
  • Wanting to work during school hours, this is for you.
  • Looking to get back into work and want the newest career choice, this is for you
  • Already a wedding supplier and want to expand your business into Wedding Planning – this is for you.

But before you start counting all the money you’re going to make as a Wedding Planner, there is something I need you to know. I don’t expect many people to be in the position to take advantage of this offer and that’s OK, because this business is not suitable for everybody.


If you’re down to your last cent and have to borrow to be involved in this business in the hope you’ll become rich overnight …Then please don’t bother filling in the application form. It's not for you!


If you’re looking for a "magic" pill to fix all the problems in your life, aren’t open to new ideas, or can’t or won’t follow instructions… Then this is not going to work for you either. It’s not magic. You’re going to have to work for your success in this business.


If you’re looking for quick money, plan to use my system to do a lousy job, or don’t intend to give good customer service…

...Then you Need to Look Somewhere Else!

On the other hand...

If you are looking to find a better path to success, make FANTASTIC money, starting a new career in an industry that continues to grow each year(and is currently worth a whopping $4.3 Billion!!)then the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Boxmight be exactly what you are looking for. Especially if you are prepared to invest in your success.

Operating your own Wedding Planner business offers you one of the easiest, hassle free ways to start your own business... if you follow the recipe for success. TheComplete Wedding Planner Business in a Boxis the best opportunity for you to learn that recipe from the most complete Wedding Planning system on the market! And the worksheets, checklists, templates combined with the coaching will help you start building your business immediately.

...Ok, so let’s Talk Business for a Moment!

You may have a few concerns, especially about the investment!

For any business to give you even a fraction of the returns we are experiencing, you'd be required to invest in excess of $100,000 for premises, equipment and stock. You'd have to sign a lease and make other long term and potentially costly commitments.

Having spent all that, you'd still have to learn to get the customers and generate sales. And spend a fortune on conventional marketing and advertising techniques. (That's how most franchises and conventional businesses work.)

Just to attend a course and get this information first hand, would have to cost you a small fortune. The airfares and accommodation would leave you no change from $2,000. On top of this you'd have to pay a course fee of at least $1495 + GST. And since it is proven that we forget 85% of what we normally learn at those events, you'd have to upgrade and get the DVDs anyway, if you were serious about learning everything that went on.

The reality is, all you would need to do is one wedding and your investment has been returned 3 times over. Seriously... what other business will give you such an immediate and spectacular return on investment?

You're probably thinking "this Platinum Membership Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box is going to cost me a fortune!" Right?


Well, separately the entire package would come to $7173, but as a Platinum Member the entire 1.7kg package, with everything I've just described - is just $997 + $17 Postage and Handling! You end up saving $6,176!!

That's the entire package - the whole WORKS!

One of the most exciting things about this package, is that I have only recently finished upgrading this package, in fact in March 2014. No-one has ever been offered this material before, so you will be one of the first people to have it.

So how good can a $997 business package be?

Great question! Many a time, low cost equates to low quality. But sometimes you get incredible value for money. And when you consider this package will save you the expense of thousands of $$$, not to mention the energy and time I have expended and the odd costly lesson along the way, it is truly a bargain. I wish information like this were available when I started in the Wedding Planning business.

So let’s take a look at the 'Gold Membership'
and ‘Platinum Membership’ in detail again.
Here is what you get...
Separate Purchase
Start Your Own Successful Wedding Planner Business From Home Including:
DVD 1: First Steps, Photos, Frocks, Rings, Reminders, Dancing and Decisions
DVD 2: Passports, Pamper, Hens and Bucks, The Big Day!
DVD 3: FAQ for Hiring Wedding Vendors
CD 1: Audio Book 1 (First Steps, Photos, Frocks, Rings, Reminders, Dancing and Decisions)
CD 2: Audio Book 2 (Passports, Pamper, Hens and Bucks, The Big Day!)
Bonus 1: Disk #6: Full Resource Disk with Done for You Marketing Material
Bonus 2: “Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tricks” Emails for 12 Months
Bonus: 12 Months Unlimited Email Support
FAST ACTION TAKERS BONUS 2 x “Business Brainstorming” Sessions with me
Total Value:
Your Investment Today:
You save:

And it gets even better... Your Satisfaction is completely Guaranteed!

Even though, at $714 ($697 + $17 ph&s) the 'Gold Membership' normally valued at $3,973 - (you save $3,276)... or the 'Platinum Membership' $1014 ($997 + $17 ph&s) normally valued at $7.173 - (you save $6,176), this package obviously represents tremendous value for money. So just in case there is still some lingering doubt, I have decided to make your purchase completely Risk Free!

Here is how...

You are Covered by my Outrageous Industry First “Double Guarantee!”
Double Guarantee!
5 Times Your Investment, 100% Money Back Double Guarantee

You read it right!

FIRSTLY, you are covered by our 30 day no questions money back guarantee.

Do what you like with the pack... use it to start a business, use it as a doorstop! It doesn’t matter. And after all that, if you still don’t think being a high paid, in demand Wedding Planner is for you... then simply return the “Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box” and we’ll return your money (minus the postage and handling of course)

Why? Well, we don’t know if this is right for you... or if you are right for us, but it is a risk we are prepared to take. You on the other hand don’t have to take any risks at all!

SECONDLY, I personally guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with you “Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box.”In fact, if you make a diligent effort to use the whole package, you will make at least 5 times your investment in this package within the next year!

So in the unlikely event you don’t make 5 times your investment in this package in the next 12 months... I’ll give you your money back.

I can’t be fairer than that…

The risk is totally on us!

Personally I believe there is no better way to start your own successful Wedding Planner business than by using the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box! And to prove it I am giving you my Outrageous Industry First “Double Guarantee!”

When you receive your Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box,you have a full 30 days to watch everything... or do nothing with it. You don’t even have to open the box to see how beautifully presented it is or even flick through the information packed manual. It doesn’t matter! Because in the highly unlikely event you no longer want to be a highly paid, in demand, successful Wedding Planner... you can send it back for a 100% refund, no questions asked!

Remember, you also have the 1 Full Year 5 times your Investment Guarantee shown above. This means you have a full year to go through everything, use it to build your own successful Wedding Planning business and if you have not made at least 5 time your original investment... return the “Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box”I’ll give your money back(minus postage and handling.)

So here's what I'd like you to do. Listen to, and watch, every second of all the DVD’s... read the manuals... explore the entire Business in a Box... put these simple, low-cost strategies to the test for a full 12 months. Then decide for yourself

The way I see it, you now have 2 choices…

1. You can do nothing and go back to whatever it is you are doing right now for a living. Working a job, helping someone else to get rich. And it has probably been “working” up until now. Because it pays the bills and it is “secure”, or

2. You can commit to your own financial future and start building your own successful business. To do this you can:


Purchase the 'Gold Membership'$714 ($697 +$17 ph&s) normally valued at $3,973 - you save $3,276 or the 'Platinum Membership'at $1014 ($997 +$17ph&s) normally valued at $7173 - and enjoy massive savings of up to $6,176


Explore the whole pack, use every tip and trick I give you for creating a financially secure future


Use the coaching bonuses to boost your business and accelerate your success

And even after all this, if you still don’t think Wedding Planning is for you…

You can get Every Cent you Invested in the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box Refunded in Full!!

Have you ever been made a more irresistible offer in your life? It is easy for you to get started right now...

If You Want to Get in on This Rare Opportunity... You Need to Act Now!

To get all the free bonuses you must order before (Insert date 10 days from now), you can’t afford to wait! You need to order now.

So what are you waiting for?

Imagine the thrill of YOU creating the perfect day for your clients…how proud will you feel knowing you have built the ideal business for yourself and your family…how powerful will the financial security that YOU have created feel…can you handle the time freedom to work when you want…

Now’s not the time to be indecisive or procrastinate…You need to take action now and CLAIM BACK YOUR FREEDOM! I look forward to personally helping you create a profitable and enjoyable lifestyle and business as a successful Professional Wedding Planner.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris
The Wedding Planning Academy

Platinum Membership

P.S. Remember with the 'Platinum Membership'Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box, you get the “Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tricks” Emails for 12 months valued at $1200 PLUS 12 months of Unlimited Email support valued at $1200 - these are worth more than the cost of the entire package!

Gold Membership

P.P.S. PLUS if you order the

Gold Membership
$714 ($697 + $17 plus) normally valued at $3,973 - you save $3,276 or the
Platinum Membership
$1,014 ($997 + $17 plus) normally valued at $7,173 - you save $6,176...

I will also include my Full Resource Disk with Done for You Marketing Material. This marketing material is already done for you, all you need to do it enter your details and you are in business. Valued at $797.00 - yours


And remember you have nothing to lose because you get my Outrageous Industry First “Double Guarantee!”to give you peace of mind. You have 30 days to go through the “Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box”and if for any reason or no reason at all being a successful, in demand Wedding Planner is not for you... Simply return it for a full refund. You also have a whole year to use everything and if you have not made at least 5 times more than your original investment... return the pack and I’ll give you back your money.

Platinum Membership

P.P.P.S. I have decided to make the Platinum Membership absolutely irresistible, so when you order the 'Platinum Membership' I will include 2 x “Business Brainstorming” Sessions with me valued at $800! BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE FIRST 17 to order before (insert date 10 days from now. Click Here To Order

Of course this is a very limited offer, as I simply do not have the time to personally coach everyone. So click hereand order now! If your order number is 18, I am sorry, you just won't qualify for the 2 x “Business Brainstorming” Sessions with me valued at $800.

I am regularly paid over $3,700 per weekend by couples, so this offer is a very generous one. This will be by appointment only and it is a genuine offer. I don't mind which areas of your business we discuss, I promise you there is not an issue in your Wedding Planning business where I cannot offer some clarity and insight. But you must be quick!

So let’s take one last look at the Gold and Platinum Membership.
Here is what you get...
Separate Purchase
Start Your Own Successful Wedding Planner Business From Home Including:
DVD 1: First Steps, Photos, Frocks, Rings, Reminders, Dancing and Decisions
DVD 2: Passports, Pamper, Hens and Bucks, The Big Day!
DVD 3: FAQ for Hiring Wedding Vendors
CD 1: Audio Book 1 (First Steps, Photos, Frocks, Rings, Reminders, Dancing and Decisions)
CD 2: Audio Book 2 (Passports, Pamper, Hens and Bucks, The Big Day!)
Bonus 1: Disk #6: Full Resource Disk with Done for You Marketing Material
Bonus 2: “Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tricks” Emails for 12 Months
Bonus: 12 Months Unlimited Email Support
FAST ACTION TAKERS BONUS 2 x “Business Brainstorming” Sessions with me
Total Value:
Your Investment Today:
You save:
All Your Questions Answered

It is only natural that you will have a few questions. Here we have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions and their answers.

Question #1
How do I know this is as good as you say it is?

Great question and one that should be asked! I offer a 100% IRON CLAD, WEASEL FREE 12-month money back guarantee. PLUS I even offer email support over those 12 months to ensure you succeed! Now you can’t get much fairer than that? So that should give you confidence right there!

But if you’re still a bit sceptical…or maybe you’ve got some “well intentioned” friend or family member trying to talk you out of it…then relax, it’s not your fault…I’m a sceptic at heart too. When I first wanted to start my own business I had people try and talk me out of it too. Sure, they thought they were doing me a favour at the time by trying to convince me that the security of my job was better, but my job just seemed to keep me comfortably broke! Lucky for me, I wanted more out of life – More time - more money - more choices, so I moved forward and have never looked back!

Also consider this: no doubt you’ve heard the story of the bird not wanting to…you know what in its own nest? Well…it’s a similar principle with me. I’ve been in the event planning industry for more than 20years and I’ve built a reputation that, frankly, I’m VERY proud of.

I have many, many happy clients and contacts throughout the wedding and related industries. I’ve built a name through hard work, integrity and most importantly of all, getting results for my clients. How could I put my name to something I could not 100% guarantee? To do so would be to you know what in my own nest and that’s something I would never do!

Question #2
How does the “Free Bonus Gift” Disk work?

Here’s how it works: I take the risk totally away from you and give you all that you need to succeed. All you do with the disk is put it into the disk drive on your computer, click on the materials you need and enter YOUR details in the appropriate places.

You can then print out PROVEN and PROFESSIONAL business templates you can use straight away. No trial and error, no hard work, no guessing. Just click a few buttons and your business is up and running.

It includes flyer/brochure, template invoices, and a complete Wedding Planner Checklist! PLUS regular Marketing ideas emailed to you for 12 months! Everything you need to get new customers quickly and easily.

You’ll discover methods that most successful Wedding Planners don’t want you to know. After you apply what you learn from this CD, you’ll have all the new customers you’ll ever need – guaranteed!

Question #3
What is your “1 Full Year 100% Money Back Guarantee”?

This is it and yes, you read it right: Go through the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box. Use everything you’ve learned, put into practice for a full 365 days, and if, within 1 – year, in the unlikely event you have not made 5 times your initial investment, simply return the course in good condition and I will cheerfully refund 100% of your investment. I can’t be fairer than that…The risk is totally on me!

Question #4
Do I have to travel to TAFE or some college to do the course?

No. You don’t have to travel anywhere at all - not to a TAFE, not even to a night school. The Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box can be done 100% completely from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have access to a DVD player.

Question #5
I have no previous experience in this industry, will I be able to become a successful Wedding Planner and earn a good income?

YES, YES, YES! Even if you have never been in business for yourself before or never organised anything, this course is done so anyone can do it, and it really is as simple as following the basic steps and putting them into action!

The best part of this course is that you don’t have to spend hours and hours reading long manuals. If you can book a restaurant, order flowers and co-ordinate a taxi, combine this with the valuable knowledge in the DVDs, you’ll be well on your way. I will be with you in your own home talking you through every little step of the way including a lot of helpful hints to fast track your business. Plus the Bonus Disk will have all your business Resources including flyer/brochure, template invoices, and a complete Wedding Planner Checklist. So it really is that easy!

Question #6
How much time will I have to invest each week?

Well that is entirely up to you, as after you complete the course it is 100% your own business and that is one of the Major Benefits to being your own boss!... Some people work 4 hours per week, and some work 30 hours per week. Though here is what I would do. Work out how much time you can invest per week and when and stick to it. Reward yourself for achieving your goals regularly. Remember successful people are the ones who take ACTION!

Question #7
Do I need an ABN or ACN to get started?

Yes, you are now making the step in going into Business for yourself and not being a slave to your JOB. Like any business in Australia you will certainly need an Australian Business Number. Please talk to your local accountant or go to for more information. You can even apply for your ABN online. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Question #8
How long after I make my payment will I have to wait to receive my Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box?

I will post your Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box out to you within 1 Business Day of full payment being received and you can expect to receive it within 2-5 days. I send all our courses via registered post so it is at No Risk to you and is safe and secure!

Question #9
I already work long hard hours and my time is limited. Will I be able to fit this into my schedule as well?

Yes, because to begin with you can build it part time and around your current job. I recommend dedicating a certain amount of time each week when you know you are free or stick to a set number of hours. Have a plan of when you would like to be booking your first wedding and when you would like to leave your current job if that is the end goal!

Question #10
I have young children at home. Can I fit this around them as well, or am I best to wait until they are more independent?

I have so many Mums doing the course, and because there is no time frame on when you have to have things done, it’s totally flexible around your kids. You can build your business at your own pace to suit you and your situation!

Question #11
How much per wedding can I really earn?

Using my simple methods and techniques and following the easy steps in the course you can expect to earn an average of $2000 per wedding. Of course, this will depend on the size of the wedding and where it is being held and the budget of your client.

Question #12
Do I really need to attend the Weddings or Functions I have organised?

Well that’s one of the advantages of having your own business and not being accountable to a boss, it is totally up to you! Though I strongly believe one of the key ways to getting a successful name for yourself in the industry is to attend the wedding and make sure that everything on the day goes according to plan for the bride and groom and that there are no little hiccups.

Question #13
Is this a multi-level marketing business dressed up as something else?

No, it certainly is not! You are 100% in business for yourself, I just give you the tools to get you started and the support to help you succeed. However you are not accountable to anyone and there are no extra charges or hidden costs along the way. It is strictly a one-time initial payment.

Question #14
How do I advertise and get clients?

There are many different ways to advertise and go about getting your clients, many of which are covered in the course. Disc #6 is the resources one, which has brochures and info for you to use. All will be revealed inside the course. Plus being in my Coaching and Support Group, I’m always coming up with creative new ideas and will let you know as soon as I do! So you’re always sure to be on top of your competitors.

Question #15

What’s in the Complete Wedding Planner Business in a Box?


The course consists of 2 x DVD’s, 1 x Vendor FAQ Disk, 2 x Audio Disks of the Workbook and 1 x Comprehensive Resource Disk. The course has been designed to save you hours in time so you don’t have to read big thick manuals. The 6th Disk is all the resources you will need including templates of advertisements, contracts, and the list goes on, and a manual to get your business up and running quickly. PLUS 12 Months of Support and Coaching and heartfelt advice with me. It’s a complete business in a box for a very small investment!

Question #16
There’s already Wedding Planners advertising in my area, will people use me and how can you guarantee I am going to make money?

There may already be other wedding planners in your area, though I can assure you most of them if any won’t be using my very simple methods and proven systems that I know work! All of the systems I have refined over the past 20 years are included in my course, plus examples you can use for your very own business. Plus don’t forget you will be receiving helpful hints and tips on how to differentiate yourself and stand out from other Wedding Planners throughout the 12 months of coaching.

Question #17
How long will it take before I can be booking my first Weddings and when will I start seeing results?

Obviously everyone will be ready to book their first wedding at different times and that will all depend on your time structure and what you’re currently already doing. Though a fair estimate would be around the 6 week mark, as this gives you enough time to complete the course, go back over notes, speak with vendors and organise the basics.

Question #18
How much money will I need to invest to begin with?

To be honest with you I have found one of the best things for many people about becoming a Wedding Planner is that you need to outlay very little money at the very beginning. There is no need to buy any stock or equipment. Of course you will need the basics, stationery, mobile phone, computer or at least access to one, business cards. Everything else can be bought after you’re already making money, how many businesses do you know where you’re able to do that?

Question #19

What other benefits can I expect from becoming a Wedding Planner?


Here’s how The Wedding Planner Course can positively transform your life…

  • You will have the freedom and choice of the hours you work
  • You won’t be restricted to how much you can earn instead you will have total control!
  • Developing long lasting business relationships with suppliers and vendors
  • Reduce stress and give you back time to enjoy life
  • You’ll be pampered along the way at the finest restaurants, hotels, beauticians, hairdressers etc
  • No matter what occasion or party is being held everyone will want to use your expertise
  • What you normally earn in a month you can earn in one single wedding
  • You will be able to have a job that you really do love
  • No longer fear going to work on Mondays
  • You will be getting into a business where the trends are just beginning
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home
  • No matter how young or old you are age is not a restriction
  • Low start-up costs
  • No need for stock or heavy expensive equipment
  • Give yourself the life you deserve

So now it’s over to you. What do you want? What are you willing to do? If you’ve been looking for a business that you can do anytime, anywhere, at any place… a business that is totally flexible with the days and hours you work… and guarantees you a successful financial future then the Wedding Planner Business is for you!